Volz Innovation supports organizations in selecting IT products and developing new information technologies since 2008. Our clients experience German engineering at its best: Strong methodic skills, clear rationale, and traceable decision support. You experience people with a strong work ethos, agility and passion for technology. We are people that help you to take good decisions as quickly as possible.

Our strength is a clear customer focus and consideration of your requirements and business goals. Our consultants distinguish themselves through their ability to create new solutions, instead of being bound to what exists today.

We have an ahead of market view on technology and do R&D at the forefront of technology. We are certified for the quality of our services, documenting our constant thrive to improve not only our services but also your future business.

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We provide you with:

  • Consultants with many years of professional experience
  • Pragmatic and result-oriented project approach
  • Reliable and transparent decision support
  • Independence from vendors as well as internal politics
  • Value-based view on technology

We are based in the beautiful black forest (Germany).

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